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Things I Wish I Had Done or Could Do

I would have skipped my mid-life rebellion period.

I wish I could have written ‘good stuff’ earlier in life, rather than wasting my talent writing trash.

I would have eaten more nutritionally and exercised more had I known it’s lifelong value.

I wish I had shown more ‘unconditional love and acceptance’ of my family.

I would have learned to swim.

I wish I could have traveled more, earlier in life, when I had the energy and stamina for it.

I wanted to be a race driver, a Navy WAVE, a teacher or a hairdresser, but my parents did not think I was suited for those vocations. I wish I’d been stronger in asserting myself. I’d have made a fine racer! (See my story Tying Up Loose Ends).

I wish that I hadn’t expected people to be mind readers, rather than saying what I want. Fear of rejection stops me from a lot of things.

I would like to be rid of fear, tension and stress, but that’s life. Some of it works for me, some of it works against me. But sometimes I don’t know the difference!

I love helping people, but I hate to be taken advantage of, so I probably haven’t done all that I could have for others.

I would have saved more things from the past because now I know of their importance to me. But I wish I were not such a pack rat of the inconsequential!

I love Starlight Opera, Theater and Concerts. I attended for many years, but I wish I could have experienced more.

I would have finished college. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have continued my education throughout life, however I never have the feeling that I’ve got it all right! Somebody might ask questions later, and I might not have the answer! Plus, I wish I had taken all those courses for credit…I’d have had a degree by now.

I dearly love fast cars, vintage cars, classic cars...all cars. I would like to have a different car every year just for the fun of it!

I wish I had written more poetry and good prose earlier in my life.

I would have walked on the beach every day of my life because it calms and centers my emotions.

I would have eaten more ice cream. There are so many varieties and so little time!

I want all the good stuff now!

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