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What's Up in Cardiff by the Sea?

It all began with stories of my life, just for my family, but as I have shared with family and friends it has mushroomed into a book about Lifestory Writing too, About Life Story Writing (Buy the Book), inviting people to our local lifestory writing class Life Story Writing Classes here in Cardiff by the Sea, and then expanding to mentoring people all over the world on the Internet.

I hope you check out our Lifestory Writing E-mail discussion list. This is not English 101, but we are “Balcony People” cheering each other on to leave a legacy for their families.

Since the Nine-Eleven (9/11/01) atrocity at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania, there is a surge of interest in leaving a roadmap for the generations to come...the truth of what happened during our lifetime is very important; and that's what Life Story Writing is all about. Attack on America

People want to leave stories about our family traditions and conditions:

Forever Plaid
Four Eyes
Grandma's Rocker

We trigger memories about where we lived and how,

The Picture Show
Nickel Pickles
The Ants Will Eat Us
Fog Horn
Swimming Lessons

Experiences of our childhood, just little vignettes of simple happenings. I'm Shocked

What school was like in our day, Mary Lou and the courses we took Book Larnin'and how life has changed for this generation. School Pride

We trigger memories of weddings Mother Wore Black, Alumni Reunions, The Dress and Disillusionment (How a marriage dies) Canyon Caper

And new beginnings:

Richard's Page
Checks and Balances
Honey Lump Sunrise

Our work was important to us as well as our homelife, Barnum and Bailey

And we all experience the empty nest syndrome sooner or later. Sounds of Silence

And then we have grandchildren, and the beat goes on...we begin writing stories of the Grands, and the Grands tell their life stories too, and they catch the fever and begin writing!

ABC's of Christen
Mama Said

And Great-Grandchildren…oh, but we were much too young for this to happen!

Too Young
Seismic in Seattle

Not all memories are wonderful but they need to be told so that our children know from whence they came. That’s why we touch on the good, bad and the ugly. (Every addiction has a beginning)

Egg Nog
Tidbits of Time
12 Steps and 12 Traditions

We make a special place for our family values because it is so important to our life story.

My Beliefs
Go Casa!
Birth Choice

As the Lifestory list has grown to include people from all over the world, so have our links to “Helpful Help,” Writer's Resources and Related Links

And Credits and Kudos to my daughter Kathee and Bill Austin for starting the Lifestory list and doing all the left brained stuff for me on my website

Who the Heck is Bill Austin?
Kathee is Fifty

Ten years ago when I began attending Life Story Writing Class locally, I thought I’d probably attend for one semester. What I didn’t know was that it would become my all consuming desire, my social life, and my very best addiction! I began to feel that God had commissioned me to write my life story and all I had to do was be obedient. Obedience was the hard part. I had to learn to stay focused. Sometimes it's lonely sitting at the computer writing hour after hour, secretly wondering what my gal-friends were up to, but the discipline of doing it gave me the reward of over 500 life stories about our family. I call our family book Tidbits of Time and my desire is that our descendents will come to know us personally through these stories.

My “sign-off” on the lifestory discussion e-mail list is “Write on!” This is also my hope for you!

God is blessing you…now bless your family with a written legacy of your life! If you don't write your life story, who will? Everyone has a life story...when will you write yours?

Write on!

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