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Too Young

Paul Scott and Taysia Ann

Grandparenting is a state of mind. I remember clearly when Christen was born in 1976 and I was 47, I thought, give me a break! I just got through raising kids and already we’re going to have a grandchild? I’m much too young! But that did not last long. Once the bonding happened, my age was not a factor.

Of course, since it was not Richie’s flesh and blood that produced this first grandchild, he often corrected people when they called Christen his grandchild. Because he is four months younger than I am, he was too young to be having a grandchild!

That is, until the night she played ‘puppets’ with his toes and wrapped herself around his heartstrings!

We got used to the grand-parenting thing right away, and it was fun! All nine of them!

Then, in 1994, Christen had Taysia and I became a great-grandparent for the first time. Again, Richie was too young for this to be happening to him!

Last week we drove to Puyallup, WA to see my second great-grandchild Paul Scott, born May 7th.

When Chrissy answered the front door, Taysia flew into Richie’s arms and ignored me...her own flesh and blood. She hung behind her mother’s legs for the longest time before she warmed up to or no gifts!

At every opportunity Taysia was on Grampa Reahm’s lap, holding his hand or squeezing in to sit beside him in a restaurant. At Shari’s Restaurant the first night of our visit, Grampa sat with his arm around her. He squeezed her and said, "You’re my friend, aren’t you Taysia?"

"I am not your friend, Grampa, I’m your sister" she said looking up at him with her big blue eyes.

She had just learned that she was sister to Paul Scott. Now, with somebody else new in the house, she was sister to us too. We tried explaining the Grampa/Gramma bit, but with so many sets of those it was confusing. She had Great-Grampa and Grampa Gruno (Cory’s parents) in Phoenix and GrammaKat in Glendale, (my daughter) and Grampa Scott and Grammie Cory there in the next town of Bonnie Lake and Scott’s parents Great-Grampa and Gramma Ciurana in San Leandro and us, Great-Grampa and Gramma Reahm in Cardiff by the Sea.

Chrissy’s children would not be at a loss for doting grandparents, for sure.

And after the number Taysia did on Richie, and the amount of times he told the ‘sister’ story to our friends when we got home, I knew, like her mother twenty-one years before, Taysia had wrapped herself around his heartstrings.

Age was of no consequence!

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