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Tap a Tickle

After trying every possible remedy for an allergic cough and getting no relief, I remembered my old Grandma's medicine cabinet and all her 'home remedies'. Arnica Salve, Corn Huskers Lotion, and Hoarhound Candy. Those smells were all mixed in with her wonderful Lavender Soap.

Could it be possible that my frail old grandma knew more than all the modern pharmaceutical companies combined?

The very last page on one allergy book I was reading had said "and if all else fails tap your breast bone."

It was then that my Grandma's words came tumbling back to me over the years.

When I would get a coughing spell in the night, she would slip into my room in the dark and whisper "Remember to tap a tickle and you'll go write to sleep..." She would then gently tap the middle of my chest as she slipped a piece of her wonderful Horehound Candy into my mouth.

The book went on to say that our adrenal glands are just under the breast bone, and by tapping them gently we could raise our adrenalin. Ephedrin, which is in a lot of allergy preparations, is called Adrenalin in England.

These thoughts were worth pondering.

Or did I cough to get the Hoarhound Candy?

I hacked and pondered away another half an hour, then I went to my medicine cabinet where I kept the Hoarhound Candy just like my Gramma had. I slipped one into my mouth. I snuggled back in bed and gently tapped my breastbone.

It worked

Which one? I don't know and it doesnt matter, because now it is a 'custom of my family' to 'tap a tickle' while a real Hoarhound Candy melts in your mouth.

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