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Overcomers Outreach

A capsule, a leaf, a liquid, a pill or a powder,a drug is a drug and addiction is an invisible line you cross!

Overcomers is a fellowship of men and women who have been affected eitherdirectly or indirectly by the abuse of any mood altering chemical or obsessive/compulsivebehavior. We believe that as we look to a loving God for help, and putinto practice those principles for living which He has given in His Word,we shall find both the strength and freedom we need to live productiveand happy fives. We strongly believe that our "Higher Power" is Jesus Christ,our Savior and Lord.

Attendance at meetings will provide you with the possibilties of:

F ellowship in recovery
R econciliation to God and His family
E ducation about chemicals and addiction
E dification through faith in Christ
D edicated service to others>

The choice is yours!

We provide safety, anonymity, unconditional love, and God's invited presence at meetings.

It's a great place to learn to break the cycles of addiction and/or obsessive/compulsive behaviors. You will learn principles for living from the Christian perspective. You will undoubtedly experiece Christian growth in your own recovery. We provide step studies and topical studies, speaker meetings and videos. We also provide a lending library of books and audiotapes. In each meeting you will be given the opportunity to speak and workthrough life's issues and learn the biblical comparisons to these issues.

OVERCOMERS OUTREACH IS NOT ... a substitute for a church Bible study or worship service. It is a bridge from A.A. to the church.

It is not a therapy group ... we encourage professional counseling when needed.

It is not a Christian A.A. Meeting - we are a supplementary programto a 12 Step support group and recommend continued attendance at other groups for specialized growth.

OVERCOMERS OUTREACH IS ... a bridge between regular 12 Step support groups and the church.

Overcomers is a Christ centered, non-profit, group dedicated to reaching out to people with problems of addiction or compulsions or with family dysfunction within churches of all denominations.

Overcomers is a ministry providing Christian resources, education through workshops and written materials, and tools to initiate and maintain 12 Step support groups.


A capsule, a leaf, a liquid, a pill or a powder; a drug is a drug and addiction is an invisible line you cross!

Copyright © 1990 Overcomers Outreach


Overcomers Outreach

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