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The Bearded Grampa


When Grampaís beard grew in white he lost his Lee Marvin look and took on the borrowed identity of John Huston (writer, actor, director, Angelica Hustonís father).

Strangerís came up to him with a look of curiosity and the possible thought of asking for his autograph.

"Are you John Huston?" they would ask.

"No," Grampa grumped.

"Yes you are!"

"No, Iím not...heís dead!"

"Youíre just saying that! So I wonít bother you! You arenít dead!"

What can you do when people wonít take no for an answer?

Just groan and shrug your shoulders.

Nowadays when a stranger gets that quizzical look, he just says quietly "I look like John Huston, but Iím not!"

Once in awhile though, a persistent pestorer will taunt him.

"Yes, you are!" and walk away laughing like they are sharing one gigantic joke.

But the jokes on them!

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