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Forget Me Nots

First Baptist Church of La Jolla, CA had a youth group of mostly girls during WWII.

That group, now officially known as The Forget Me Nots meets together on the first Saturday of March nearly yearly to , share pictures of children and grandchildren, look at old scrapbooks, high school annuals and reminisce over lunch.

We all helped in the war effort by:

 U.S.O. Hymn Sings on Sunday afternoons.

 Brought Servicemen to Youth Group.

 Invited them to our houses for our mother's home cooking!

Some of us married them ... some of us corresponded with them throughout the war…and some of them moved to California after the war. We've kept in touch with many throughout the years.

If you were there and remember La Jolla Baptist Church with fondness, please send your memories to:

Thelma Hyder Reahm
P.O. Box 387
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007-0387

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