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Ethical Will


It is my hope that you would not follow the crowds, but that you would dare to be different, going instead where there is no path...and blaze a trail!

As much as is in you, love unconditionally.

Love is the glue that holds families together and time spent together is more important than things. Things will be forgotten, eye contact memories will not. Connect in that special way, where nothing can come between, when you are together.

Be a loving friend, a comforter, and a guide. Free yourself from unnecessary stress with the knowledge that it is not your responsibility to solve everyone elseís problems. Allow that other person the privilege of solving their own problems, making them stronger than before, with the knowledge that they are capable of doing more than they ever hoped or dreamed. By so doing, we can bring about the best in others, but not live their lives for them.

To be the best you can be, is to live your life unselfishly for the Lord and His glory, by living your life in conformity with Godís word. The Bible is your roadmap and guidebook. There is a chapter of Proverbs for every day of the month. Consult it often. Heed itís advice and you will live a happier life for having done it.

God gave us one life to live...this is not a rehearsal. We donít get another chance at it. I believe that what we learn here on earth will be used in a significant way in Eternity. Eternity, for me, is not just angels and harp music for infinity, but I believe it is a place of complete communion with God where my Ďperfected selfí will be used to praise His name and further His Kingdom. The more we surrender ourselves now to conforming to the image of his Son, Jesus Christ, the more dear our fellowship will be throughout eternity. He gives us His Holy Spirit to come along side and help us to be what we cannot be on our own.

Always be a role model to your family. Honor your Father and Mother, is the only one of the Ten Commandments with a promise, (that you may live a long life). If you honor your parents in front of your children, it is likely they will honor you in front of their children. Children do what we do ... not what we say. Actions always speak louder than words.

Give unto Caesar what is Caesarís. Caesar, today, can be the IRS or your boss.

Give honestly to all degrees of personnel above you...a dayís work for a dayís pay. Taxes paid on time (whether you believe they are just or unjust). Because God is ultimately in control of all government. He has a plan for this earth, and a plan for your life. Your obedience, with a pleasant attitude, makes life a worthwhile experience. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Try to choose your friends wisely and let go of other people who empty your well without any thought of helping to replenish it. Friendships should be nurturing, loving, kind and above all caring. They should never drag you down. And they should never be one-sided. Kindle your spirit by no longer associating with people who would like to see your light extinguished. They exist, do be watchful.

Hopefully your very favorite activity will be your vocation. Then you will be joyful in your work as well as in your play. And because you enjoy your work, others will be blessed by it.

Donít be afraid to fail. You donít build success on success ... you build it on prior failures.

One of the biggest problems with success is that itís formula is often the same as that for a nervous breakdown! We seem to get our wants and needs mixed up sometimes. Find success in maximum fulfillment of Godís plan for your life.

Who you are is truly need not be anything more! Thatís the beauty of Godís Grace.

I love you with all my heart and soul and I pray for you daily, that God gives you a Christian family and a long and healthful life.

Your Wife, Your Mother, Your Gramma, Your Friend, Thelly

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