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Experiencing My First Drink of Alcohol

From the time I can remember, I was fed high-fat/high-sugar drinks like Dextri-Maltose, Ovaltine with extra powdered milk in it, egg nog, Lipimul Oral, this one guaranteed to help you gain at least one pound per bottle of intake. All this to nourish and fatten a very skinny, anemic child.

By high school I began to fill out.

Then after pregnancy I was anemic again and back to the old routines of food additives.

So, it came as no surprise to me to be offered Egg Nog at friends house on New Yearís Eve. We had just stopped by to say Hi and wish them Happy New Year.

"Cheers," the hostess said to me as she handed me the Egg Nog.

I took one big swig and coughed and sputtered. It burned going down my throat. I tried not to make a face, but I feared it had gone bad...not sour, like milk does, but really bad!

It was then my husband leaned over to whisper in my ear, "Thereís liquor in it," he said quietly.

Iíd never had a drink before, and this one was churning and swirling around in the cup like it had a life of itís own.

I just sat there very quietly, barely sipping the drink. Iím afraid we probably overstayed our welcome, because I was sure that I would not be able to stand up. Iíd heard about drunks who wobbled when they walked and I certainly did not want to cause a scene like that. No telling what I was capable of.

"Well, weíd better run, we have some other errands to run," my husband said.

This was it. This was where the rubber met the road. Would I be able to stand up, even? Who knew? All sorts of things were running through my mind.

Most of all, I was going to make a New Yearís resolution never to drink again, even if it was impolite to refuse a drink. It tasted terrible. It made me feel weird, and it absolutely ruined the wonderful taste of Egg Nog!

I walked fine, by the way, and I didnít keep my New Yearís resolution!

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