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Book Larnin' - Book Learning

I've been going to *continuing education* all my life.  My only regret is that I never kept track of the classes for credit. Thinking about three Grands in college triggered this memory I didn't think...way back...that it was important to have a degree so I dropped out of college to get married and begin my family.  Thatís what couples did after World War II ...we replenished the earth.

Now, in my age of maturity I think differently.  In fact, by the time my children were in school I began to go to Junior College or Adult Education Classes to further my knowledge. Most things I took for *no credit* and I would not do it that way again.  Some of it was my fear of not winning.  I have always known more trivia about a subject and less about what was on the exam.  Iím fun in a game of Trivial Pursuit ... but I seldom hold my own in a conversation, with the exception of Nutrition and Rehabilitation.  Those two sujects I know like the back of my hand!

Nine years of Life Story Writing ... three years of Photography ... two years of Real Estate related courses in Finance, Law, Appraisal, etc. and a year of Design Crochet, learning to design patterns etc., and many other Journalism and Creative Writing classes, plus a course at UCLA on Contemporary Moral Issues. Aunt Wanda and I took Accounting together at San Diego City College at the time we helped run a plumbing business in the 50ís.  Plus two years of San Diego School of the Bible in addition to the credits I had from Biola way back in the 40ís.  I have no credit for any of it.  However, I have the knowledge and that is important to me! I feel good about myself for having done it!

My grandmother and I used to sit on the front porch at night and look up at the stars and moon.  I must have bombarded her with my curiosity questions because I can remember her putting her arm around my shoulders and saying "Youíd best go to collegeÖI think you might become an astronomer!"  Of course that never happened, but my curiosity never stopped.  Iíve mentioned before that I keep taking notes because I think people will ask questions later!

My personality pushes me to learn more and more, and as I age I see the benefits.  It keeps me sharp and alert and interested in a variety of things.  It gives me places to go.  It gives me new friends who have like interests.  And learning the computer, the world wide web and HTML programming at a late age has certainly given me a new interest in life.  I love Cyberspace!

Iím curious about all the places we travel to.  I read up on the country before we go and then take hundreds of pictures while Iím there.  I also collect post cards of the area.  Then I make great scrapbooks of our adventures when we return home, as well as typing up my travel journal for Tidbits of Time.  I am preserving many things for the next generation!

Iíve also learned new crafts from time to time. Iíve painted ceramics, done macrame, textile painting on clothing and pillow slips, twined baskets of Torrey Pine Needles and coiled baskets out of rope, knit sweaters for all the Grands as they came into this world and crocheted afghans for everyone, as well as crocheting baby "Binkie Blankets" for Birth Choice (an alternative to abortion).  When I was younger I made all of our clothing, even taking a Tailoring Class and making my suits and coats.  My back doesnít take sewing machine work any more, but I did do fine work in my time.

From the time I was a child, I heard that "Idle hands are the devilís workshop" and "A rolling stone gathers no moss" along with "A stitch in time saves nine"  When youíre taught productive thoughts like that at a young age, how can you possible waste your time?  It makes book larnin' a lifetime pursuit!

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