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Ants Will Eat Us!

When Richie found ants in his denture cup, swarming all over his bicuspids, we got ant service.

It was almost enough to gag a maggot and truly make us wonder why we had remodeled Summit House for our retirement.

Locals say that Cardiff was built on an anthill and Encinitas nickname is "Ants-will-eat-us".

And itís true...about June every year we are bombarded with the little critters and nothing that we do will get rid of them. "Tried and true" recipes of the locals failed, because these ants had built up an immunity to Borax and Powdered sugar.

Richie nick-named the service girl from Anti-Mite Pest Control "Ant Cindy" and she became a part of the family!  She was thorough, aggressive and showed up every month.  Thatís all we needed.  Soon, we were ant-free and feeling good about living here.

Then came the vote for Cityhood. Leucadia and Cardiff by the Sea were both caught in the Cityhood of Encinitas, as well as lesser known communities of Olivenhain, and Village Park (which was really just a tract of homes). Our vote would be for or against cityhood, and also for a new name for the city, if the measure won.  I sounded like the deck was stacked against us.  The names for cityhood were...San Dieguito, Encinitas or San Elijo (for the Lagoon).

Now how fair was this?  Thereís already a whole town of Encinitas with about 40,000 plus population.  San Dieguito means Little San Diego and not everyone wanted cityhood much less another San Diego of the North County. I always vote for the underdog it.  Summit House was closest to San Elijo Lagoon and my back sundeck overlooks San Elijo Drive.  It was a pretty much assured thing that Encinitas (which means Little Oaks) would win.  I donít have a clue where the "little oaks" are.  Actually, the city fathers call this the flower capital of the west...itís the Poinsettia capital of the whole world.  Why not the Spanish for Poinsettia...which is Poinciana...thatís pretty. Iím sure there could have been more creativity, except, as usual, there was a lot of skullduggery going on in the City Council.  How else could they be the Encinitas City Council without the name Encinitas winning?

After the vote count and Encinitas won cityhood and the name Encinitas, the residents of Cardiff by the Sea immediately banded together put up a squawk and won...keeping our own tiny post office (at least for the time being) and our own zip code. 92007. Although, technically we are Encinitas.

I think, with a zip code of 007, it is humorous that our Encinitas mayor is James Bond.

Do we like Cityhood?  Not!  We will never be Encinitas.  Weíll hang onto Cardiff by the Sea forever! Layed back, no sidewalks, home of the famous Vee-Gee Donut Shop.

We still begrudge "Ants-will-eat-us" for gobbling us up into Cityhood, and we admit Cardiff truly was built on an anthill, but thatís what we have "Ant Cindy" for!

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