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About Life Story Writing

Because I love Life Story Writing classes so much, I have created a how-to book for people who either don't have classes in their area, are unable to attend, or are so busy putting up their own websites, they just can't devote the time to yet another class! This book is not English 101 ... it is a simple guidebook to getting your life story down on paper in a timely manner. It helps you trigger memories, organize them, choose a theme, and package it ... all in a happy little workbook called,  About Life Story Writing.

The price is right!  The time is now!  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Do it for your family ... do it for yourself.  You'll be forever glad you did ... and so will they!

Send (check or money order) $18.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling to:

Thelly Reahm
P.O. Box 387
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007-0387

Or you can pay $20 using PayPal by clicking here. Include shipping address and name in Memo field. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, you can get $5 for signing up.

More About Life Story Writing

Mostly, I write stories ... I have written over 400 true stories about our family during the past nine years since I have been in Life Story Writing Class.  What do I write about?  Oh, about 1500 words, I'd say.  Seriously, I write about very simple everyday things that help the reader know their family members more intimately.  It's one thing to know when and where they were born, who they married and when they died.  It's another more wonderful thing to read a vignette of your Gramma   and see a piece of yourself in that story.  Your relatives come vividly alive on each page.  The memories can't help but touch your life. 

Sorting through all of life's experiences is much like going through psycho-therapy, because while I'm writing the story, I am confronting some of the garbage of my life!  The "coulda-woulda-shoulda's" that we all feel from time to time.  Other experiences I may be looking through rose colored glasses, but it's my story...the good, the bad and the poignantly funny moments!  Each of the experiences make up the person I am today, so I do not look back to blame, only to grow and to share my experience, strength and hope to another generation.  I call my collection of memories "Tidbits of Time."

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