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ABC's of Christen

by Taysia Ciurana
Mother's Day, 2001

Happy Mother's Day!

A She makes the best Apple Pie and get's the best.

B Mom has the best Baby in her tummy

C She has the prettiest Car

D Dad loves my Mom

E She makes the best Eggs when they're scrambled

F Mom has Fun with us

G Mom believes in God because she loves Him

H She's very Helpful to me

I She buys the best Ice Cream

J She hangs out in P.J.'s

K She Kisses me because she loves me

L She does the Laundry almost every day

M She makes the best Meals ... dessert is it

N She is Nice when she gives us candy

O She Owns a lot of money from the bank

P She is Pretty from Heaven

Q She is the Queen of the house because she is the Mom

R She really loves to Read

S She likes to play in the Snow

T She loves Tea because it is so good

U Her Umbrella is bigger than mine

V She loves to play Volleyball

W She loves the color of the Wood peckers

X I'm X-tra special to her

Y She loves to play with Yo-Yos

Z She admires Zebras

About the author:

I love books. I always have and always will.

I'm 7 years old, and I was doing books since I was 6.

Hope you love my book.

Taysia Ciurana

Post Script:
This booklet was complete with appropriate art work for each page. Her Great-Gramma Reahm is very proud of her writing and is including this work in Tidbits of Time in the section for the writings of my children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren called And The Beat Goes On.

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